Accommodation in Bangkok

We offer advice and assistance to any participating intern if they need help finding suitable accommodation in Bangkok, Thailand. According to our requirements and budget we will provide you with a list of accommodation options for you to choose from.


Note: We do not provide free accommodation for those taking part in our internship student program in Thailand

Finding accommodation in Bangkok (Thailand) for interns

We do not provide free accommodation in Bangkok for students that use our trainee jobs services. However, if you purchase one of our packages, we will help you find the right accommodation in Bangkok once your trainee position has been secured. When it comes to internship costs for accommodation, it is important to consider the fact that lease agreements in Thailand are usually signed for a minimum of 1 year. While it is possible to find 6-month contracts, the monthly rent is likely to be significantly higher.

Internships in Bangkok

Share house/Condo for interns in Bangkok

We usually recommend house or condominium sharing as the best option for any trainee that is looking to lower their internship costs. Benefits of house/condo sharing include:

Student shared accommodation Bangkok

Air bnb Condominiums

In case you are not comfortable with a house or condo sharing and would like to have your own private accommodation in Bangkok, you still can find the right place through Airbnb short term rentals in Bangkok. This option is slightly more expensive and won’t allow you to meet peers upon your arrival but guarantees you full privacy of living during your internship in Thailand.

Airbnb condo internship Bangkok

Student Residences in Bangkok

Student residence are another interesting option for your accommodation in Bangkok. While these residences are offered for low budget, they come with the disadvantage such as being located outside of Bangkok city center. As our office and most of our hosting companies are located in the center of Bangkok, you might have to incur extra costs for transportation. You will also spend more time commuting to and from work.

student residences Bangkok

Hotels in Bangkok

We would not recommend booking a hotel for your entire period of stay, it would be too expensive on the long term. However, booking a hotel for the first few days of your arrival in Thailand seems like a good option to give you time to visit and book the shared house, Airbnb condo or student residence for the rest of your stay.

Student condo internship Thailand

Accommodation finding service

Although we do not directly offer accommodation to trainee with trainee jobs, as each student have their own expectations and budgets, we will help you find the right space. Our assistance generally consists of:

Please note that you will be required to pay a deposit for your accommodation which will only be returned 1-2 months after the end of your rental period as long as nothing is damaged, broken, or missing from your accommodation. For this reason, we are unable to be involved with the deposit for your accommodation in Bangkok.

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