Internship fee

Unlike most of the internship agencies around the world, who charge the student even before doing any research for his/her internship, we do not charge anything until your internship is confirmed with the hosting company, no advance payment or deposit required, which provides the students flexibility and certification to find the right internship, without any advance internship fee.

Payment process

Just let us know your internship requirements and we put you in touch with a multitude of companies looking for international interns in your matching field of interest. We arrange the interviews, usually on Skype, between the student and the hosting company.


Then we inform the student about the hosting company feedback and acceptance of his/her application. The student can then select the companies which matches the best his/her requirements, from the list of companies who validated the student profile.


During all these steps, the student does not pay any agency internship fee, as long as the internship agreement is not signed. Once the internships details and conditions have been validated by the student and the hosting company, the student will process the payment of the internship fee, based on the agreed package, and the internship agreement will be signed by the 3 parties, the student, the school and the hosting company.

Internship fee

internship fees

Our internship fee is 299 to 699 Euros, based on the selected package and should be paid only once the internship is confirmed at the signature of the internship agreement. Moreover, we do not ask any deposit payment so basically, you pay ONLY when you are sure 100% to have your internship in Thailand. Do not take any risk and apply now for your internship in Thailand!

Payment and refund policy



No deposit required. No advance internship fee required.

Full payment of the internship fee is due at the signature of the internship agreement.

Payment is refunded 50% if the student decides to stop the internship within 1 week after signing the internship agreement.

Payment is refunded 20% if the student decides to stop the internship within 1 week after signing the internship agreement.

starting with the host company.

No refund after 1 week in the host company.

Free internship package

Besides asking no deposit or advance payment, we also offer the opportunity to select our ‘’Free Internship package’’ to make your internship in one our sister companies. You can find the list of our sister hosting companies on


In these sister companies we are offering various field of internship, such as busines development, sales, digital marketing, Finance, accounting, human resources, event organization, logistics, and much more.


All these companies and fields are available for your internship through our free package, however, if you are looking for an internship in an NGO or in another technical field such engineering, please check our Bronze, Silver and Gold internship packages, and their associated internship fee.

Thailand internship program

Besides offering the largest network of hosting companies in Thailand, the most reliable internship certifications, a strict follow up of all our placed students, our assistance for the student visa process, tips to save living costs in Bangkok, accommodation options based on your budget, facilitation services such airport pickup, Thai SIM card on arrival or discounted scooter rental, we are the only student placement agency in Thailand offering to find your internship for free, in one our sister company.


Moreover, if you prefer to select a paid package to have your internship in another company, we do not charge any deposit or advance payment, so you can pay our internship fee ONLY once you have found your dream hosting company and the internship agreement has bene signed!

Looking for an internship in Bangkok, Thailand?

With our network of hundreds hosting companies, we can assist you finding your dream internship in the field of your choice. No advance payment required, contact us for more details!