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Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world, with more than 30 Millions tourists coming to Bangkok each year (before Covid). This is also a prime destination for students to pursue their internships. Who does not dream of having the perfect internship in Bangkok or anywhere else around Thailand, while being able to spend their weekends on the white sand beaches enjoying the delicious Thai food and experiencing a change of scenery?

However, successfully securing your internship in Bangkok can be quite tricky, especially visa wise. This is where we come in – we are here to help you. Internships Thailand assists its clients in finding their dream internship, assists with the extensive visa process and ensures that our clients saves costs while staying here in Thailand.

Our internship vision

Finding a reliable internship in Bangkok is not an easy task. The Thai curriculum does not require students to complete an internship. For this reason, recruiters and companies are not familiar with the internship program. We bridge the gap between students and companies and allow companies to familiarize themselves with this opportunity while giving the student the opportunity to link up with recruiting companies.


Thailand is still deeply rooted in its culture, hence English is not as widely spoken. Language barriers have also proven to be a hurdle when it comes to clear communication. Trying to find a reliable internship by oneself while facing such barriers could come to be a challenge.


Our vision is to democratize internships in Bangkok and around Thailand, both from host companies and international students’ point of view.

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Our hosting companies

With our network of 200+ host companies and organizations in Bangkok and throughout Thailand, we offer internships in Bangkok with SME, international companies, NGOs in any preferred fields such as Marketing, Communication, Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Business Development, Sales, Engineering, Event Organization and much more.

Our internship services

Internship Thailand offers an array of services to our clients. We act as a one stop shop to secure your internship in Bangkok as well as assist in making your stay in Bangkok convenient.

We offer tailor made solutions to each student to adhere to their specific needs. Additionally, we offer packages that include visa process assistance,  finding student accommodation, personal transportation (motorcycle rental). We do not require any advance payments. You only pay once you have secure your perfect internship.

We know how stressful it can be for parents to sent their children abroad, therefor, upon request, we regularly update parents on the wellbeing of their children.

Our internship team

Here at Internship Thailand we set up a team that will be able to assist you on your journey of finding your perfect internship in Bangkok. 


Internship placement manager Bangkok


Benjamin, the managing director is responsible for partnership development with other agencies abroad. He also taking care of the first preliminary interviews, student follow up, and information for parents.



Boy, our customer service manager is taking care of all the administrative tasks and processes. He is the primary overseer of the visa process, accommodation options, and finding options to save you money based on your budget and requirements.



Tanny, our business development manager oversees partnerships with the host companies in Bangkok and in Thailand. She is the responsible for keeping contact with the host companies and ensuring your stay there as smooth as possible.

Bangkok business opportunities – Live, work and play in a vibrant city with a growing economy and expat community!

We are a recruitment company specializing in finding business opportunities in Thailand for students in search of business & management internships from all over the world. We strive to ensure that students have the opportunity to find internships in Thailand that fall in line with their career goals and aspirations. We want to allow students the chance to take advantage of Bangkok’s business opportunities and gain the international work experience that they require before launching their international careers.


Our internship opportunities are unique and challenging and give international students the opportunity to learn on the job, while immersing themselves in a foreign culture. We understand the importance of having international experience in today’s job market and global economy, and we are committed to offering the very best management internships, business internships, and more for all the students we accept into our program to find internship in Thailand.


We have partnered with a variety of companies that operate in many different industries, so that we are able to offer students the chance to take advantage of growing business opportunities in Thailand no matter what career field they hope to pursue. Through our internship placements we hope to encourage cultural exchange and open up Asia to international students around the world so that they are better equipped to handle current and future global issues.


In order to make the process as simple as possible for students to find internship ion Thailand, we also provide assistance with finding accommodation and the visa application process. With more than 200 affiliated companies all around Thailand (mostly in Bangkok) and our 18 years of experience with business & management internships placement in Thailand, you are guaranteed to find internship in Thailand and get the best chance to enhance your international profile in the field of your choice.

Looking for an internship in Bangkok, Thailand?

With our network of hundreds of hosting companies, we can assist you in finding your dream internship in the field of your choice. No advance payment required, contact us for more details!