Internship packages

Besides offering internship placement for international students in more than 200 partner companies in any fields, we also offer different packages to match your budget and requirements. As each student has different expectations and different budgets, we introduced 4 different packages to accommodate each student’s budget and needs.

Internships packages

Available internship packages

Choose the internship package based on your personal requirements

internship Thailand free package
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Free package

Internship Thailand cheap package
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Bronze package

price internship Thailand
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Silver package

Best package internship Thailand
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Gold package

Standard internship packages

As you know, finding a reliable internship in Bangkok or around Thailand can be a real challenge. This is the reason why we are offering our standard placement internship packages. If you are simply looking for an internship placement in Thailand but you do not need any extra services to plan your stay in Bangkok or to save money from your cost-of-living budget, we will definitely recommend our Bronze and Silver internship packages. Through these packages, we offer our internship placement services but also our assistance for the visa process and we guarantee the official internship certification from the host company.

Best internship packages

However, if you are looking for more exhaustive internship services to prepare your trip, from your visa process, your accommodation search, airport pickup, activate your phone in Thailand, 24/7 assistance and much more, you can opt for our Gold internship package. You will be assisted from the beginning to the end of your internship with our amazing customer and student follow up services to make your internship and your trip in general as smooth as possible.

Limited offer

Internship placement free package

Take advantage of our  free package, with Internship Thailand, with an internship in one of our sister company in Bangkok. You can check the list of companies by clicking on the logo above.

Free internship package

We think about everyone, even the students with literally ‘’zero’’ budget for their internship, we are the only internship placement agency in Thailand offering to find your internship, free of charge! Even at the signage of your internship agreement, no fee will be charged! The only downside of this free internship package is that we offer less hosting companies to perform your internship with. Instead of the choice of 200+ hosting companies, you will apply for your internship in one of our 20+ sister companies, all located in Bangkok.


We mainly focus on business and management internships. We offer placements in fields such as Marketing , Communication , Human resources , Finance, Accounting, Advertising , Business Development, Sales, and basically all and any business related fields.

Customized Internship placement

We commit to finding the right internship for you. You pay only once the internship agreement is signed.

Large choice of host companies

You will be sure to find your internship in the right company, thanks to our network of 200+ host companies.

Certification from host company

Get official internship certifications from the host company, with a reference letter to add to your resume.

Student Visa process assistance

We assist you through the whole process to get your visa for your internship in Thailand.

Internship assistance

Our internship services

Internship Thailand assists you at each step of your internship process. We offer a customized internship placement in one of our partner host companies from our large network.  We also assist with the administrative and visa process, and we guarantee your internship certification at the end of your internship.

Moreover, we offer extra services such as resume enhancement, accommodation finding, airport pick up, 24/7 assistance, free motorbike rental, free SIM card upon arrival, and much more services to make your internship experience a smooth and easy as possible.

Students satisfaction

happy students with happy comments

I found my internship in Bangkok through ''Internship Thailand'' services and it was a fabulous experience for me, I got a lot of exposure and got a chance to apply my theoretical knowledge to work. I am a digital marketing intern. also the schedules are very comfortable and flexible according to our timetable. very friendly working atmosphere.
Jithin Raj
Digital Marketing internship
I am an advertising and communication student. I contacted Internships Thailand, They help me and I got internship in a very good media house. They assisted me for the visa process to make everything easier for me. I now found a full time job in Bangkok thanks to this incredible internship placement service. Thanks a lot for your continuous assistance and support support.
Oceane Ducret
Communication internship
In the final year of graduation i m looking internship job in Thailand as it is my favorite location, Internships Thailand helps me to find a suitable internship in a team building event organization company. I am still working in the same company today, with a working visa and work permit. thanks guys for help me in a new country, which is now the country I am living in!
Charlotte Vidil
Event Organization internship

interns feedback and advice to prepare your internship in Thailand

Looking for an internship in Bangkok, Thailand?

With our network of hundreds of hosting companies, we can assist you in finding your dream internship in the field of your choice. No advance payment required, contact us for more details!