Your Internship program in Thailande

With its position of South-East Asia central hub, its abundance of international companies and its amazing culture and landscape, Thailand is definitely the best country in the world for internship programs. But how does it work? How can you apply for an internship program in Thailand? How can you get your visa for your Internship program in Thailand? What is the process of our internship placement service? What internship fields can you join during your Internship program in Thailand? Why doing your internship in Thailand? We are covering these topics and answering all your questions in this section:

Internship program in Thailand

Our placement process

Looking for an internship in Thailand and do not know where to start? Here are our placement guidelines.

Internship program in Bangkok

Internship fields

We offer intenrsips in multiple fields such as marketing, Finance, communication, and much more!

Internship program Thailand

Why internship in Thailand

Find out why Thailand is the best country of SEA to have your internship and Bangkok the best city for opportunities.

How does it work?

Like millions other students each year, you would like to do your Internship program in Thailand? But not sure where to start?

Internship requirements

First step is to make sure your profile matches the requirements for an internship in Thailand. Here are the main requirements to make a legal internship program in Thailand:

  • You must be 18 years old or older.
  • You must speak fluent English.
  • You must apply for an internship of maximum 3 months (we offer solution for internship of more than 3 months).
  • You must have an official internship agreement signed by you, your school and the host company.
  • You must declare ‘’Zero’’ revenue on your official internship agreement.

Please make sure that you match these requirements before going to any further step.

Internship placement process

We simplify our internship placement process to the fullest to make easy for you to apply and find your internship in Thailand. Please see below the steps of our placement process, it has never been so easy to find your Internship program in Thailand!

Contact us with the details of your internship requirements so we can confirm you are eligible for an internship in Thailand

Based on your internship requirements, we are contacting our partner companies matching your field and missions and we put you in contact with them (you still have nothing to pay at this stage)

Once we put together the list of hosting companies matching your profile, we offer interview dates, usually on Skype, to pass the interviews with the selected companies.

Wait from 1 to 2 weeks to get the replies from the hosting companies you passed your interviews with. At this stage, we inform you which companies accepted your internship application.

Confirm your internship with one of the companies who accepted your internship application.

Based on the selected package, you can transfer our agency fee to secure your internship and sign the official documents

Obtain the official internship agreement from your school, signed by the school, the student and the hosting company

Book your plane ticket with a potential flight back within 3 months after the starting date of your internship

Gather all the documents required for your student visa to apply at the Thai consulate in your origin country

We welcome you in Thailand and meet up to provide the extra services included in your internship package and give you tips to make your stay as smooth as possible.

Meet you host company tutor(s) and start your internship in Thailand with peace of mind!

We are regularly in contact with the student and the host company to make sure everything is going smoothly during the student stay at the host company

Get your official internship certification (and reference letters) from our hosting companies once you finish your internship

Internship visa process

The visa process can be quite discouraging if you are not familiar with the different steps. Do not worry, we are here to assist you getting your visa in the best delay and conditions. You can check our detailed visa process on this page.

Internship fields

In order to offer the best internship offers to our candidates, we developed our network of hosting companies offering internship opportunities in multiple and various fields. Despite, we are more specialized in business internships than engineering internships, we offer Internship program in Thailand in the following fields:


  • Accounting internships
  • Graphic design internships
  • HR internships (Human Resources)
  • Project management internships
  • Business development internships
  • Sales and marketing internships
  • Digital Marketing internships
  • Event organisation internships
  • Web development internships
  • Finance internships
  • Information Technology (IT) internships
  • Customer service internships
  • Advertising internships
  • Purchasing internships
  • Engineering internships
  • Legal internships

Why do your internship program in Thailand?

Besides the fact that Bangkok is the best city in South-East Asia (SEA) for businesses and international companies, Thailand is one of the most famous touristic destination throughout the world.

First, having your internship program in Thailand will offer you much more business opportunities than in any other country in SEA. Moreover, everyone does speak English in Bangkok so you will not have to face the language barrier as long as you speak fluent English. You will be sure to find your internship in any of your studies related field and you will be sure to socialize with other students doing their internship program in Thailand.

Besides the great business internship opportunities offered in Bangkok, Thailand is the perfect country to do your internship program if you are looking for a pleasant and safe country to stay in. Why our students love their internship program in Thailand:


  • Cheap cost of life, give you great purchasing power
  • Safest country in Asia and in the world in general
  • You can eat delicious Thai food, very cheap, anywhere at any time of the day of the night
  • Bangkok is the city that never sleep, you cannot get bored when you live here
  • Multitude of attractions and activities for students
  • Indulge yourself on the weekend to reach the white sand beaches
  • A great network of students living in Bangkok, make new friends easily!
  • Learn about the famous Thai sport such as Muay Thai or Taklaw
  • Get an apartment with Gym and swimming pool in the city center for a bargain
  • Great transportation infrastructures available in Bangkok
  • Get smiles from the locals, careful, that might be a real change form your origin country!
Internship program Thailand
Internship program in Thailand
Find internship in Thailand
Thailand internship program

Looking for an internship in Bangkok, Thailand?

With our network of hundreds hosting companies, we can assist you finding your dream internship in the field of your choice. No advance payment required, contact us for more details!