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Internships Thailand offer the best and most reliable students placement services in Bangkok and in Thailand for their internship, but not only! Internships Thailand also offers extra internship services to make your trip and internship experience as smooth as possible.

Once the internship agreement has been finalized with the hosting company, Internships Thailand will assist the student and the host company with the visa process and documentation required for the student visa. Moreover, we will assist the student to find the best accommodation based on his budget, required location and specific needs.


Aside from the accommodation, which is the main cost of living, do not neglect the transportation costs to go from your accommodation to your office. This is the reason why we offer motorcycle rentals special discount for interns who can drive a bike. Our internship services also include regular update and communication to the parents of the students to inform them of the well-being and safety of their children.

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Student visa services

We assit you with your visa process from the signature of your internship agreementto the end of your internship in Thailand

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accommodation services

We assist you with your student accommodation search to find the perfect place and make you save on your budget

Student discount motorcycle rental Bangkok

Motorcycle rental

In order to make save even more cost, we offer discounted motorcycle rental packages to our placed students

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Safe internship

Doing your internship abroad might be scary., we accompany the students and keep the parents informed at all times

Student visa services

Our internship services include our assistance for the visa process. The process can be quite difficult to understand, especially if this is your first trip to Thailand. The student need to provide the official internship agreement signed by his/her school, the host company and the student. Then the company will provide the relevant documents required for the student visa application, as part of our internship services.


Please note that interns can come to Thailand only under a Student visa (ED) , not under a tourist or working visa. With the document and the plane ticket, the student can then apply for the ED visa in the nearest Thai consulate to them.

Please note that during this Covid period, a Certificate Of Entry (COE) and a document from the school stating that the internship is compulsory are the 2 additional documents required for the student visa.

interns accommodation service

The main cost of the student internship is clearly the accommodation rental, that takes more than half of the living budget for student internships in Bangkok. That is the reason why we offer to assist the student in their accommodation search by providing multiple accommodation options such as shared houses, shared condos, Airbnb services, student residence, etc, through our reliable internship services.

We already negotiated for you the best rates you can get and remain at your disposal to answer all your questions and help you find your dream accommodation in Bangkok, based on your budget, host company location and specific needs. Keep in mind that if you take a place close to your host company, usually located in Bangkok center, you will pay higher for the accommodation and cheaper for the transportation. If you take a place far from your host company, you will save money on your accommodation but waste time and money on your transportation.

Making you save money and finding adapted solutions is part of our internship services in Thailand.

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Motorcycle rental

Bangkok is one the busiest city in the world with the most terrible traffic in the world. Getting around with taxi remain unexpensive but you will waste a tremendous amount of time stuck in the traffic every day, especially from 8am to 10am and from 5pm to 7pm. Another option would be the convenient moto-taxi or grab service, but, while guaranteeing a quick trip they are the most expensive options. That is why, for experienced motorcycle drivers, we offer a special price for student to rent a motorcycle to save on their budget, get around fast in Bangkok and get the freedom of move they deserve during their experience in Thailand, as part of our internship services.

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information for parents

Parents always worry when their children are travelling abroad, especially if this is their first time. Therefore, we implemented a system of follow up and update for the student parents to keep reassured during the whole length of their internship. Thailand is one of the safest countries in the world, but we go the extra mile to make sure the interns got a smooth experience, and the parents are kept informed of the situation at all times, through our internship services.

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As you understand, while other companies offer only placement services at outrageous prices, we offer turnkey solution to make your trip as smooth and inexpensive as possible through our incredible internship services, that you would not find anywhere else!

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