Student visa during covid

Student visa during covid requires additional document above the standard ones requires in normal times. Please find below the list of documents and procedure to get your student visa during Covid.

Visa Application assistance for Internship in Bangkok (Thailand) during Covid crisis

We understand that the process for understanding visas is often incredibly confusing and complex, especially now with the current student visa during Covid new regulations. In order to make the entire process easier for our partner companies and our business trainees, we offer assistance in the internship student visa application process. The following services are available as part of our internship service packages. Here is how we can assist with your internship student visa during Covid for internships in Bangkok (Thailand):

      • You get the internship agreement from your school on time to get your internship student visa during covid.
      • You get the official documents from the company (Affidavit, Invitation letter, copy of director passport, etc.) on time to obtain your internship student visa.

Visa requirements & application process

Before you start your dream traineeship as a business intern, learn more about requirements & application process for your internship student visa in Thailand.

In order to perform an internship in Bangkok (Thailand), you need an ED Visa (an education/Internship Student visa). In order to obtain an ED Visa, you are required to be pursuing an unpaid internship of less than 3 months. However, by using our service, we can help you finding a paid internship up to 6 months.

The following is a list of requirements for your ED visa (internship student visa) application for internship in Bangkok (Thailand):

Special documents to provide for student visa during Covid

Besides the list of standard documents for student visa in Thailand, during this Covid period, the government requires the additional documents below to guarantee to enter Thailand smoothly with a student visa during Covid period:

student visa during covid

In case the new regulations for student visa during Covid seem to heavy for you, we also offer certified internship in Telework. Contact us for more details!

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