Thailand internship program - FAQ

We answer all your questions to help you better understand and prepare for the Thailand internship program requirements and process. You will find all your answers below. If anything is still unclear, please feel free to contact us directly.

The complete process of arranging your internship abroad, including the visa application and processing, will take up to 8 weeks. You can take a look at our “how it works” page for an overview of all the processes involved for your Thailand internship program.

Whatever your required internship period, we commit to find the perfect internship matching your dates. There is no wrong time to apply for our Thailand internship program!

Please check ‘’Our process’’ page for detailed information.

Although we do not provide accommodation for those taking part in our student internship program in Thailand, we offer advice and assistance to any participating students if they need help finding suitable accommodation. We developed a network of shared houses, student accommodations and condominiums to offer choices and flexibility for your accommodation options during your Thailand internship program.

When it comes to internship costs, accommodation is another important factor when looking at trainee jobs in Bangkok. Learn more about finding accommodation, rental rates, and leases in Thailand by reading our guide!

Please check our ‘’Accommodation finding assistance’’ page for detailed information.

We do not provide accommodation for students that use our trainee jobs services as each student have different budget and expectation, we cannot include this service in our Thailand internship program packages. However, if you purchase our ‘’standard package’’, we will help you find the right accommodation for you once your trainee position has been secured. When it comes to internship costs for accommodation, it is important to consider the fact that lease agreements in Thailand are usually signed for a minimum of 1 year. While it is possible to find 6-month contracts, the monthly rent is likely to be significantly higher.

We usually recommend house or condominium sharing as the best option for any trainee that is looking to lower their internship costs. Benefits of house/condo sharing include:

  • You will meet other students and develop your social network as soon as you land in Thailand
  • You can get a spacious condo with your own private room
  • You can find convenient accommodation in the city center without spending too much time commuting
  • You can also except to have access to a shared gym or swimming pool at certain condominiums

Although we don’t directly offer accommodation to students with trainee jobs, we will help you find accommodation. Our assistance generally consists of:

  • Putting you in touch with the owners of shared accommodation for students
  • Offering recommendations for the best and most efficient websites you can use to find a shared location (websites, Facebook groups, etc.)
  • Connecting you with other students looking for shared accommodation so you can organize a group to share with in advance

Please note that you will be required to pay a deposit for your accommodation which will only be returned 1-2 months after the end of your rental period as long as nothing is damaged, broken, or missing from your accommodation. For this reason, we are unable to be involved with the deposit for your accommodation.

Please check our ‘’Accommodation finding assistance’’ page for detailed information.

Since internships in Thailand cannot be remunerated, by Thai law, this is important to plan your budget accordingly and get a real expectation of your future expenses. Since most of the offered internship position are located in Bangkok, we will focus on the cost of living in Bangkok.

Student can plan about:

300 – 500 Euros for monthly accommodation

200 Euros for monthly food budget

200 Euros for monthly transportation budget

You can expect a total of 700 to 900 Euros spent per month for your stay in Bangkok, Thailand.

However, keep in mind that imported products in Thailand are quite expensive and local products are very cheap. Consume local to decrease your budget, not all Thai food is spicy!

WE DO NOT CHARGE ANY FEE, until your internship is finalized, at the signature of the official internship agreement. So, you do not take any risk, you pay our Thailand internship program fee ONLY once you have found your internship and the official agreement is ready to be signed.

Additionally, we offer FREE INTERNSHIP PLACEMENTS in one of our sister company, so you do not have any fee to pay at all.

Please check our ‘’Internship packages’’ page for detailed information.


WARNING: For your own security, do not, ever, pay any deposit to an internship placement agency, if they ask for a deposit payment, that usually means they are a scam.

Our wide range of internship fields and partner companies will allow you to learn and improve your skills no matter what career you are interested in pursuing. We currently offer opportunities in the following fields:

  • Accounting internships
  • Graphic design internships
  • HR internships (Human Resources)
  • Project management internships
  • Business development internships
  • Sales and marketing internships
  • Digital Marketing internships
  • Event organisation internships
  • Web development internships
  • Finance internships
  • Information Technology (IT) internships
  • Customer service internships
  • Advertising internships
  • Purchasing internships
  • Engineering internships
  • Legal internships


Please check our ‘’Internship fields’’ page for detailed information.

If you secure an internship in Thailand for international students through us, we will coordinate with all the involved parties and assist you with your ED Visa application for the duration of your Thailand internship program.

Visa applications can be complex and confusing. Allow us to assist you with your visa application for internship so that you won’t have to worry and can rest assured that all of the required documentation and paperwork is filled out and submitted on time. Learn more about the Visa application process and requirements for your Thailand internship program.

We understand that the process for understanding visas is often incredibly confusing and complex. In order to make the entire process easier for our partner companies and our business interns, we offer assistance in the visa application process. The following services are available as part of our “standard package” – Please check our ‘’Student visa’’ page to find all the information you might need.

  • We will help you ensure that your visa application is prepared and processed promptly so that you will be able to obtain your visa in a timely manner before you start working as a business intern
  • We will also coordinate with the company and your school to make sure that:
    • You get the internship agreement from your school on time to get your visa
    • You get the official documents from the company (Affidavit, Invitation letter, copy of director passport, etc) on time to obtain your visa

Please check our ‘’Student visa’’ page for detailed information.

The Thai law clearly states that legal internships in Thailand cannot be remunerated, as a paid internship can be considered as concurrence to local employees finding a job here. The rule is very simple: If any remuneration or payment is mentioned in the official a internship agreement that will be submitted to the Thai consulate to get your student visa, you visa will simply be rejected and you cannot come for your Thailand internship program.

In theory, paid internship are 100% illegal in Thailand, however, as long as no remuneration is stated in the internship agreement, it is always possible to negotiate with the future host company to try and get some stipends, food and accommodation budget, especially with hotels and our partner companies in the hospitality industry. As long as this is not mentioned in the internship agreement, the acceptance of the company for a payment or not simply depends on your sales and negotiation skills.

In order to perform a legal internship in Thailand, you need to have a student visa. A student visa is valid for a period of maximum 3 months. However, this visa can be renewed at the term for the 3 first months, for another 3 months. This process can be done up to 9 months for your Thailand internship program.

Thailand internship program

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